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Shot of a modern sofa and material panels against white brick wall

Rediscover the beauty of your favourite old furniture

Give your furniture a modern makeover. Whether you need new upholstery for your business, office or home foyer, our custom furniture restoration reboots your favourite pieces.

Our restorations start with you

Don't lose a beloved armchair or sofa because of a tear or stain! We offer professional furniture restoration to help you recover the functionality and beauty of your well-worn pieces, without suffering the expense of buying all new furniture.

We make every effort to visit a customer's home and examine the furniture in question before beginning a new job. One of our upholstery specialists will always handle this, taking the time to go over your specific needs and address any queries you may have. You will be better able to trust us and the high calibre of service we provide thanks to this candid and thorough advise. 

Black Sofa Leather Background

We'll chat with you to learn what you want from your furniture and we'll analyse the piece to recommend functional and beautiful improvements.


We work with a range of materials including leather, suede, textured patterns, velvet and outdoor linens for everything from three-piece suites to office chairs.

Living Room

Whether you want to revamp old furniture or bring in an entirely new setting, we can help with:


 •  Sofa manufacturing

 •  Upholstering services

 •  Soft furnishings

 •  Specialty upholstering needs

 •  Foam products

 •  All furniture types and styles

Fluffy Pet
Leather Sofa

Call for furniture repairs and custom sofa restoration from experienced furniture designers. - give us a call on 0116 235 5255 

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