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Shot of a modern sofa and material panels against white brick wall

Foam products cut to your specifications

Reshape and add comfort to your furnishings with quality cushions and foam backrests.

Quality foam replacements

Don't let your customers or guests sit in worn down, uncomfortable seats. We stock quality foam products for cushions, seating and backrests of any size. Best of all, we cut the foam to your specifications the day you order it, so you get your foam products right away.

Black Sofa Leather Background

Whether a barstool in your home is feeling flat or you need all new cushions for the bench seating in your restaurant, we provide a fast turnaround and quality foam products that will add comfort and shape to your furnishings.


We work with businesses around the country, including bars, hotels, hospitals and care homes. We also provide foam for campervans, boats and caravans.

Patterned Pillows

We offer practical and functional options to make your life a little easier. If you're looking for fire retardant upholstery, anti-bacterial material or waterproof upholstery, we can help transform your furnishing to accommodate you and your business's needs. Our flexible upholstering service is great for hospitals, care homes, waiting rooms, outdoor furniture and more.

Patterned Fabrics
Sofa decorated with bright cushions, green plant and big cups on a table

Add convenience, function and style to your furniture with our creative upholstering service - we can also accommodate specific needs with fire retardant, anti-bacterial and waterproof material.


Restore old furniture or create an entirely new sofa that perfectly suits your room. Call our experienced furniture designers to get started.

Sofa and blinds in living room

Order comfortable foam products
cut to your specifications and
ready the same day
- give us a call on 0116 235 5255 

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